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2015 SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup CBD Flowers

1st Place – V.C.D.C. from Moxie Seeds & Extracts

Lineage: Viper City OG x ACDC

Profile: 9% CBD. 4% THC.

“This was some gorgeous flower. Very strong terps; I imagine that all the earthy/bitter/pepper would be very helpful with pain. Smoked well, tasted great. My favorite of the samples I tried for this competition.”

2nd Place – Vitamin CBD from Growers Guild

Lineage: (Cannatonic x Afghan Skunk) x OG Kush

Profile: 11.7% CBD. 6.4% THC.

“Nice sticky flowers, gorgeous crystals that were almost entirely clear/milky; good timing with that harvest! Good, strong skunky smell on the flowers… I really enjoyed the hoppy taste of the smoke. Nice!”

3rd Place – Vegan Buddha Milagro from Greenwolf LA with Vegan Buddha

Lineage: Unknown

Profile: 7% CBD. 3.2% THC.

“Impressive appearance. Tons of trichomes throughout and long, fuzzy pistills. Vaped very clean. Decent sized buds. Created a bit of a centered head high, but very relaxing overall. Relieved joint pain.”

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