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2015 SoCal Cannabis Cup CBD Concentrates

1st Place – Ringo’s Gift Super CBD Premium CO2 Oil by POP Naturals with WCHC

Lineage: Harle-Tsu x ACDC

Profile: 79% CBD. 7.2% THC.

CO2 extract. Clean. Feels like good medicine. Cherry (cbd) finish. Medicinal. Well done. Relaxing. Anxiety relieving. I like the safety aspect of CO2 oil.

2nd Place – Ringo’s Gift #3 by Greenwolf LA with Loud Pack Extracts

Lineage: Harle-Tsu x ACDC

Profile: 48.6% CBD. 19.6% THC.

“Robust aroma to match flavor. Significantly eased neuropathy after about 10 min. Stimulated thirst more so than appetite. Heavy, yet mellow, relaxing indica ‘body high’.”

3rd Place – CBD Simple CO2 Extractor by Cannavest

Lineage: Hemp (ruderalis)

Profile: 99.1% CBD. 0.4% THC.

“Looks like a pharmaceutical. White powder. I’m a bit put off by the appearance, as it looks man made. Taste and scent free. Good for concentration. Seems like it would be great as an ingredient in another product, but as a stand alone for dabbing, not so much.”

“pain be gone yes yes yes”

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