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2015 Denver Cannabis Cup CBD Flowers

1st Place – Tora Bora – MMJ America

Lineage: LA Confidential x X18 Pure Paki

Profile: 10% CBD. 6.9%THC.

“Kushy musky earthy aroma… Great lingering taste. Very sedative and hypnotic. Made me hungry and sleepy. Nice one!”

2nd Place – The Nubia – Aficionado/ FreeBorn Selections

Lineage: Unknown

Profile: 10.51% CBD. 6.64% THC.

“Smells like some sort of Lavender and Girl Scout cross, slightly peppery. Very stoney and couchlock herb… Didn’t take long for the munchies to kick in.”

3rd Place – Sleeping Giant – Elemental Seeds

Lineage: Unknown

Profile: 9.93% CBD. 10.3% THC

“Good looking buds and sleepy body high.”

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