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2015 Denver Cannabis Cup CBD Concentrates

1st Place – OG Tonic – The Smokers Club in collaboration with Garden of Weedn

Lineage: Cannatonic x Unknown OG?

Profile: 24.39% CBD. 37.87% THC.

“Sap. Amazing clarity. Early cherries.”

2nd Place – Cannatonic – Natural Mystic Cannabis Caregivers

Lineage: MK Ultra x G13 Haze

Profile: 52% CBD. 5.55% THC.

3rd Place – Hemp CBD Extract – ISODIOL S.A.

Lineage: ruderalis

Profile: 95.17% CBD. 0.37% THC.

“Outrageous electric tropic flavor. It’s a white powder that boils on the banger pacifying behind the eyes and mind. It resembles moon rocks with a detached k hole tunnel vision that mellows out into a foggy lucid daydream. It left me confused, excited and curious.”

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