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2015 Michigan Cannabis Cup CBD Concentrates

1st Place – CBD Cookies / Cannatonic X / Cannasphere from Kannacare in collaboration with TerpTitan

Lineage: [Cookies x Cannatonic] x Cannatonic x [Cannatonic X x Cookie Berry Crunch]

Profile: 22.4% CBD. 27.38% THC.

“Flavorful- floral, melon, rose Texture- pull-snap to almost sap”

2nd Place – CBDee’s #1B Live Plant Run from Pure West Compassion Club with LightSky Farms

Lineage: Cannatonic #4 x Harlequin

Profile: 33.84% CBD. 2.57% THC

“Simply the best color, flavor and effect.”

3rd Place – Startonic Sap from Genotype A2 and A2 Wellness by ZombeeLabs

Lineage: Death Star x Cannatonic X

Profile: 20.37% CBD. 24.65% THC.

“Loved the color and clarity. Smelled and tasted amazing!”

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