People's Choice Illinois


Intake Dates and Locations:

August 17-20
St. Charles, Effingham, and Chicago

Judging Timeframe:
August 25-September 23

Awards Show:
Saturday, September 26

The High Times Cannabis Cup Illinois: People’s Choice Edition is aimed to identify and award the best cannabis products in all of Illinois, across a wide range of different categories. This event will be the first-ever competition that is open to the Illinois public and will see the largest pool of judges in history. This is a sampling dream to get your products into the hands of hundreds of new customers who will provide feedback on your entries, plus thousands of impressions. May the best products win! First-ever High Times Cannabis Cup competition in Illinois!

Competition Categories:

1. Indica Flower

2. Sativa Flower
3. Hybrid Flower
4. Pre-Rolls
5. Non-Solvent Concentrates
6. Solvent Concentrates
7. Vape Pens & Cartridges
8. Edibles

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