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While Washington State continues to roll out regulations governing legal cannabis, edibles makers are getting prepared, lab testing, researching and experimenting with dosage, flavors and new ideas for fantastic infused products. Under the new regulations developed by the Liquor Control Board, infused hard candies, gummies and lollipops will not be allowed, since these could be appealing to children. However, baked goods, chocolates, drinks and savory products can win approval after edibles-makers submit photos of the packaging to state regulators, agree to a facility inspection and lab testing of their products before they hit store shelves.

Many of the products entered into the third annual High Times Cannabis Cup held in Washington State would have made regulators proud, as companies vying for new customers have adapted their edible items to different tastes and dosage needs. U.S. Cup entries are open to any adult 21 years of age or older, while Medical Cup categories are reserved for medical marijuana providers and caregivers.

As always with edibles, look for an appropriate dosage in a satisfying portion size. If you are suffering from chronic pain and can tolerate a high dose, search out cannabis capsules or medical edible products with high dosages. If you are a curious newcomer to the scene, start small with a truffle containing only 10 milligrams of THC. Wait at least one hour before consuming any more cannabis-infused foods, since the effects need to be processed through your digestive system and can take some time.

Best 2014 Washington State Edibles

First Place, U.S. Edible

Trailblazer Bars from aKaWoNkA with Jesse Patrick

At first glance, this product didn’t seem too appealing, but it revealed itself as a diamond in the rough! Clad in generic tamper-proof packaging with a wordy label and virtually no branding, this bar could definitely use the touch of a skilled graphic designer. The soft and chewy granola bar within, however, charmed judges with its healthy, high-quality ingredients. One bar contained 50 milligrams of THC, perfect for two moderate doses. There’s a slight weed taste, and a few judges felt the bar was too dry, but overall this was the favorite! The Pacific Northwest is blessed with beautiful scenery and plenty of gorgeous spots for hiking and camping, so be sure to pack one of these bars before your next weekend getaway!

Second Place, U.S. Edible

Sensi Sweets Three-Drink Sampler from A Greener Today with Sensi Sweets

A tasteful basket loaded with three drinks, including Blackberry and Strawberry Lemonades plus a Double Shot Espresso, the sampler pack from Sensi Sweets was a big hit with judges who praised its versatility, discretion, and healthy ingredients. With a minimum of 70 milligrams THC per package, these drinks were popular with judges who liked the idea of sipping on liquid cannabinoids throughout their day. The only criticism involved the packaging, which is so “normal-looking” that judges felt it would be easy to accidentally ingest without realizing the juice contains cannabis. Possibly a stronger, more obvious warning of “Cannabis Product” is required to avoid unpleasant accidents.

Third Place, U.S. Edible

Margarita Truffle with Lime, Tequila and Sea Salt from Chefettes

Created by a self-described “total lightweight,” Marla Molly Poiset designed her low-dose truffle to appeal to older women and straight-laced types who would be unlikely to start smoking cannabis. With only six milligrams of THC and three milligrams of CBD, these gourmet truffles are perfect for first-time users, while those of us who are more experienced with cannabis can feel free to consume a whole box of four. You can recommend these delicious truffles, crafted by a classically-trained pastry chef, to your grandma!

Third Place, Medical Edible

S’Mores Cup from Bungles Edibles

Arriving in a plain box with instructions to “torch me please!” this innovative item caught the judge’s attention. Enticing people to interact with your product is always fun, and we enjoyed using our blowtorches to toast the marshmellows on top of the chocolate s’mores cup. The torched treats were delicious, and contained 40 milligrams of THC for a decent dose for the experienced user. While the packaging needs an upgrade, this treat is undoubtedly full of potential!

High CBD Edible Award Winner

Lunch Box from Florida Buds and Arborside Compassion

This high-dose treat came in the form of peanut butter cookies sandwiching a jelly layer, containing a whopping dose of 200 milligrams of THC with 60 mg of CBD. Judges really loved the flavor, but the high dose was more than many could handle! Adding CBD definitely helps to balance the euphoria from the THC, creating an edible that excites as well as relaxes. Break your cookie into four pieces for a more manageable beginning dose of 50 mg THC for hardcore heads!

Honorable Mentions

Sour BHOtz Robot Gummies

A favorite with many judges, these robot-shaped gummy candies narrowly missed out on the winner’s circle. Some judges felt this product would appeal to children, while others thought the 80 milligrams of THC found in each small gummy was too high of a dose for most adults. Candies with such high potency fit better within a medical marketplace, while recreational users seek out lower-dose edibles. However, the candies were delicious, with a great texture that didn’t stick to judge’s teeth too much. Flavors included fruit punch, mango, pineapple, green apple, peach, blueberry and more, encased in individual plastic boxes for a professional presentation.

Maple Spiced Bacon Candy by Elephant Extracts

A slab of applewood-smoked bacon lacquered with sugary corn syrup, this extreme edible contains 100 milligrams of THC! Very original, this edible wowed judges at first bite, with the sweet and savory flavors mingling nicely, but it’s so sweet that it’s difficult to consume more than a bite or two. Split this treat with four sugar-loving friends for a dose of about 25 mg each. Some judges disliked the aftertaste of BHO along with the sugary bits getting stuck in teeth, but this is a very interesting product with great potential!

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