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As you may already know, the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Expo was forced to alter its original plan at the Melkweg today.

We want everyone to know that we would never have allowed vendors to set up, nor would we have had opened the doors to the Expo without assurances from the Mayor’s office that we were under compliance.

From the onset, we were informed by our lawyers, who were were working with the Mayor’s office, that as long as we remained compliant with local regulations, we would be allowed to proceed. We have strenuously tried to meet those standards and go beyond them.

This morning we were informed that if we were to proceed with the Cannabis Cup Expo the event would be shut down and all participants would be arrested. In the 26 years of the Cannabis Cup, there has never been any health or safety issues, nor has there been any lawlessness on the part of attendees.

We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion that this extra-legal intervention has caused.

We want everyone to know that seminars will continue as scheduled on Monday and Tuesday at the Melkweg. We will announce the location of Wednesday’s and Thursday’s seminars in the next 24 hours.

Concerts and the Cannabis Cup awards show remain scheduled.

We still intend to have a terrific Cannabis Cup experience. We’ll be seeing you at the seminars, in the coffee shops and at the Melkweg concerts. Until tonight, Amsterdam!

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