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Check out the top ten ranked items in each category of the 2014 High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup in Seattle: Concentrates, edibles, hybrids, sativas, indicas, and non-solvent hash — both medical and recreational.

Top 10 Medical Sativas

1. Super Lemon Haze by Olympia Mike
2. Blue Dream by TJ’S Organic Gardens
3. Sour Pebbles by Firebros.
4. Super Silver Haze (Arjan’s Pre ’97) by A Green Cure
5. Jacks Cleaner by Fweedom Collective
6. Tangie by A Greener Today with Goat Organics
7. Tangie by Phenotype Farmers
8. The Sauce by Exotic Genetix
9. Supernatural by Green Health Cooperative
10. Blood Orange Tangie by Burning Tree’s River City Holistic Health

Top 9 US Sativa

1. Super Silver Haze by Life is Good Healing
2. Hawaiian Dutch by Zen Living Cooperative and Just Ice Wax Co-Lab
3. Durban Poison by TJ’S Organic Gardens
4. MBG’s Northface by Mt. Baker Gardens
5. Veganic Chernobyl (GT) by Kushman Veganics for Buds and Roses
6. Grapefruit by TKO Reserve
7. The Sauce by Exotic Genetix
8. Fortune Cookies by Collie Grown Farms
9. Tangie by A Greener Today with Goat Organics

Top 10 Medical Indicas

1. Kosher Kush by Phenotype Farmers
2. Rainbow Kush by A Green Cure
3. Candy Land Kush by Olympia Mike
4. True OG by Fweedom Collective with Elemental Seeds
5. Alien Rock Candy by Firebros.
6. Paris OG by Dr. Greenthumb Delivery Service
7. Kimbo Kush by Green Health Cooperative
8. Kaya’s Koffee by PacificNwRoots
9. Chem-Cookies by Starfire with Moe Lasses
10. Platinum White by Exotic Genetix

Top 10 US Indicas

1. Cookie Monster by The Source Genetics
2. Grandmas Batch by Heirloom Genetics
3. Kaya’s Koffee by PacificNwRoots
4. Snowmonster by Exotic Genetix
5. Kush Company OG Kush by Kush Company
6. White Label by TJ’S Organic Gardens
7. Candyland by Granddaddy Genetics
8. True O.G. by Elemental Seeds
9. CG Farms OG by Collie Grown Farms
10. BC God Bud by BC Bud Depot and The Honeyspot

Top 10 Medical Hybrids

1. Zeus OG A Greener Today
2. Super Lemon Haze A Green Cure
3. Girl Scout Cookies by Fweedom Collective with Aurum Farms
4. Future by Green Health Cooperative
5. Cookies & Cream by Exotic Genetix
6. Sherbert by The Bakeréé
7. Peppermint Cookies by Goldleaf Gardens
8. Sweet Treats by Granddaddy Genetics
9. Chem Berry by Olympia Mike
10. Sweet Pebbles by Firebros.

Top 10 US Hybrids

1. Veganic Starkiller OG / Rare Dankness Seeds by William Braveheart Green for Vegamatrix
2. Lemon Tree by Creek Side
3. Thin Mint Cookies by Gold Coast Collection
4. Jedi Kush by Florida Buds and Arborside Compassion
5. HSO Sapphire Scout by Canapa
6. (Gold Label) Cookies by Motadon Consulting
7. All Spark O.G. by Elemental Seeds
8. ZkittleZ  by 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz
9. Girl Scout Cookies by Superior Genetics
10. Krookies aka Animal by Collie Grown Farms

Top 10 Medical Concentrates

1. Blue Dream x Tangie by Vader Extracts and Grateful Meds
2. Dutch Treat Shatter by Rainier Alternative
3. Lemon Oranges by River City Holistic Health with Gold Coast Extracts
4. 707 Headband (HCR) by Grateful Meds in Collaboration with Dab Vader
5. Agent Orange Nug Run Shatter A Greener Today North
6. Zeus OG Nug Run Shatter A Greener Today Fremont
7. Peppermint Cookiers Shatter Chronic Solutions Co-op w/ Dank Wax Inc. and Goldleaf Gardens
8. OG Bobby Johnson Sugarwax X-Tracted
9. Royal OG Blend Satrfire Processed by X-tracted Labs
10. WAM Dab Oil – Blue Cheese by WAM Oil

Top 10 US Concentrates

1. Lemon Fire Nug Run by Mr. B Extracts
2. Master Yoda Batter by Brutal Bee with KC Extracts
3. OG Ghost Train Haze #1 Sugar Wax by A Greener Today
4. Schrom by Archive Seed Bank
5. Kush Company OG Budder by Kush Company
6. Paris OG by Vader Extracts
7. Master Yoda Budder by KC Extracts with Dabbalicious Extracts
8. Walter White OG Live Resin by Dabblicious Extracts
9. Jilly Zucaritas by Superior Genetics
10. Lemon Reserve OG by Gold Coast Extracts with Gold Coast Collection

Top 10 Medical Edibles

1. Carms by Cascadia High
2. 1:1 CBD Slips by Oakor and TKO
3. S’mores Cup by Bungles Edibles
4. Green Muse Ganesh Ganache by Cheffettes
5. Sensi Sweets 3 Drink Sampler by A Greener Today with Sensi Sweets
6. Conscious Chocolate Chip by Starfire
7. Kush Creams by Kush Creams
8. Old Toby Medical Chocolate Bar by Old Toby Seeds
9. Transdermal Patch CBD by Mary’s Medicinals
10. Truffle Variety Pack by The Bakeréé

Top 10 US Edibles

1. Trail Blazer Bars by aKaWoNkA with Jesse Patrick
2. Sensi Sweets 3 Drink Sampler by A Greener Today with Sensi Sweets
3. Margarita Truffle – Lime, Tequila and Sea Salt by Cheffettes
4. Transdermal CBD Stick It! by Mary’s Medicinals
5. Liquid Gold Almond Nut Toffee Bar by GFarma Labs
6. Lunch Box by Florida Buds and Arborside Compassion
7. S’mores Cup by Bungles Edibles with Elephant Extracts
8. Srirach Special Sauce by Nature’s Lab
9. Sour BHOtz by Green State of Mind
10. CBDemu by Browns Botanicals

Top 6 Medical Non-Solvent Hashes

1. Pineapple Express 73u 5 Star Buble Hash by A Greener Today with Goat Organics
2. White Tangerine OG – Non Solvent by The Bakeréé with Green Masons
3. Tangie Royale with Cheese by Black Dabber with Phenotype Farmers
4. Sour Diesel Liquid Hash by Mark Gilliland with Walla Walla Holistic Health
5. Old Toby Solventless by Old Toby Seeds
6. OG Kush Full Melt Hash by Olympia Mike

Top 9 US Non-Solvent Hashes

1. OG Ghost Train Haze #1 53u 5 Star Bubble Hash by A Greener Today with Goat Organics
2. ZkittleZ Bubble by 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz and BooBoo’s Bubble
3. Miami Haze 99% Heads / Drysift by PacificNwRoots
4. East Coast Sour Diesel & Chemdog ’91 Sensi Solventless by Sensi Sci Organics
5. Tangie 73u 5 Star Bubble Hash by A Greener Today North with Goat Organics
6. Jedi Surf Full Melt Bubble Hash by Just Ice Wax and Zen Living Cooperative Co-Lab
7. 10 Year Earth Aged Hash by Westside Wellness
8. Tahoe OG Kush Hash by Florida Buds and Arborside Compassion
9. MBG’s Bubba’s Baked Ice Hash by Mt. Baker Gardens

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