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HIGH TIMES has announced an entirely new line-up for its historic launch of the first-ever Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup to be held at the San Bernardino NOS Center from July 22-24. The revamped competition will feature cannabis extract products only and includes 13 total competition categories for both solvent and non-solvent extractions.

In an effort to simultaneously lead the industry while also recognizing emerging market demands, HIGH TIMES has separated its solvent categories into several distinct areas. The three primary solvent categories will include:

Single-Strain Extracts, which are concentrates derived from one strain only; Pure Extracts, which are cannabis-only extracts, any combination of strains and/or cannabis-derived terpenes; and Compound Concentrates, which allows for combinations of cannabis extracts and non-cannabis flavor additives. The Single-Strain Extracts category will be further sub-divided into Indica, Sativa and Hybrid divisions.

Additionally, HIGH TIMES has segregated CO2 Extractions and CBD Concentrates into their own separate categories, bringing the total number of solvent extraction categories to seven.

In the Non-Solvent category, there will be two divisions created—one for Non-Solvent Water Hash & Kief and one for Non-Solvent Rosin Technology hash. This will be the first time in the history of the Cannabis Cup that a competition for rosin tech hash will be held. Both the Non-Solvent Rosin Tech and the Compound Concentrates categories represent emerging market trends and the popularity of these new extract products.

“It might prove to be a slippery slope, opening up some of these categories to non-cannabis derived materials, but there is a market out there for them, making these competitions very relevant,” said HIGH TIMES Chief Cannabis Officer and Competition Director Nico Escondido. “It is our hope that some of these new, experimental categories will help us educate, regulate and lead the industry in a positive manner.”

Rounding out the competition field are the Vape Pen Cartridge and Medically Infused Products (MIPs) categories. For this Cup, the Vape Pen Cartridge category will be subdivided into Indica, Sativa and Hybrid divisions for the first time. Meanwhile, the MIPs category is in place for products that are infused with cannabis-derived materials but do not fall into one of the above aforementioned competition categories. This includes, but is not limited to, products such as “bud caviars,” “moon rocks,” pure cannabis terpenes (stand-alone terps) and non-cannabis products infused with cannabinoids and/or terpenes.

“Having a summer Hash & Concentrates Cup is a way to showcase new products, shake things up a little and collect useful research data on how trends and technology are changing the industry and the ways people use cannabis,” explained Escondido.

Additionally, there are rumblings that HIGH TIMES intends to launch a whole new platform for its Cannabis Cup competitions starting in 2017.

“Beginning with the new year, I think you might see a newer, more exciting competition model that rewards our loyal and longtime fan base and competitors, while also attracting new friends and businesses to join us in a true championship-style celebration that culminates at the end of each year,” stated Escondido.

The three-day Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup will take place from July 22 – 24 at the NOS Center on San Bernardino, CA. Dispensaries, collectives and co-ops interested in competing in the competition can register or request more information by emailing Those interested in attending can buy tickets HERE.

(Photo by Lochfoot)

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