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We had lots of gorgeous entries in the Indica Concentrate Category at the 2016 MI Medical Cannabis Country Fair Cup. Here’s which ones made it into our Top 10.

HIGH TIMES would like to thank our partner lab—PSI Labs—for providing excellent lab testing and data for our Cannabis Cup competition, as well as our premier sponsors—Advanced Nutrients, The Cali Connection and Herbal Solutions.

1 – Lemon Candy Budder Chips from Critical Concentrates/BananaBerry Farms/Los Angeles Kush

2 – Purple One 1 from Herbal Solutions Ypsilanti

3 – White Walker OG from Gold Coast

4 – Strawberry Kosher from Gold Coast

5 – Dosidos from Clearly Concentrated & TopShelf Gardens in collaboration with Radicale Genetics

6 – Los Angeles Kush from Critical Concentrates/Los Angeles Kush/Mally Elite

7 – Lemon Fuel OG from Critical Concentrates/Alien Labs/Los Angeles Kush

8 – Purple OG Live Resin from Herbal Solutions

9 – Ill OG from Critical Concentrates/Los Angeles Kush/Mally Elite

10 – Bubblemint Live Resin from Herbal Solutions Ypsilanti/Loyalty Extracts

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