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It’s another day here at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. Once again Cannabis Cup judges lined up to engage with like-minded friends and attend seminars slated for the day.

There is a stronger feeling of protest in the air at the 27th annual Cannabis Cup than in the previous couple of years. No wonder, with the powers-that-be attempting to close the Cup down at every turn. Happily, they did not succeed: we are here and doing our best to bring attendees the same amazing experience we have for 26 years.

The day started bright and early with HT Executive Editor Nico Escondido’s “Grow Like A Pro” seminar, featuring a live Q & A. There were a large group of cultivation newbies who needed expert advice on the cultivation of cannabis.

BC Bud Depot’s ”Breeding Feminized Seeds” was up next. There are many questions regarding the use of feminized seeds.

The folks who attended thought the information clarified the issue, but did not settle the argument. The heavily attended session spilled over afterward with a huge group of people huddling to chat and debate. Want to learn more about feminized seeds? Go here.

This is master-breeder Soma’s 25th Cannabis Cup.

Soma celebrated the legalization of his home state of Oregon by telling the crowd “Cannabis is a miracle plant, a healing plant, and that’s why I’m here.” His “The Military-Industrial Complex vs. the Cannabis-Industrial Complex” session was enlightening and hopeful.

Robert Connell Clarke appeared on a live recording of “Free Weed From Danny Danko.”

Clarke is the author of Marijuana Botany and Hashish! and is one of the foremost cannabis authorities in the world. It was a thoughtful talk on cannabis research.

“An Overview of the Glandular Trichome and Isolation Methods” was brought to the Cannabis Cup by Bubbleman.

He is a popular guy, and the crowd cheered when he took the stage.

Voting is open and free buses are taking judges from the Melkweg to Centraal Station.

Tonight is the Green Place and Devil’s Harvest Present: Legends of Nectar Party featuring Jadakiss, Styles P, and Sheek Louch of The LOX at the Melkweg. Watch for reporting on that tomorrow! Remember: #SaveCannabisCup

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