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2017 HIGH TIMES US Cannabis Cup NOR-Cal

Tickets on sale NOW!

Join us June 3rd and 4th, 2017 for the HIGH TIMES US Cannabis Cup, NorCal presented by Gold Drop. Taking place at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, 1350 Bennett Valley Rd, Santa Rosa, CA—we're celebrating California's recent legalization of recreational cannabis!

HIGH TIMES taught the world to grow, and now we're giving you a live cannabis experience, featuring a  cannabis career fair, edibles village, topical massage spa, rosin presses and so much more! 

Special thanks to Gold Drop, our presenting sponsor, as well as our premier sponsors: Advanced Nutrients, Kushman Brands, The Cali Connection, The Green Doctor, Ocean Grown Seeds, North Star Collective, Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Op, Cali Crop Doc, Cali Plug, Critical Concentrates, FlavRx, Greenwolf and AbsoluteXtracts.


Tickets are on sale NOW with special Early Bird prices. Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable. 

Interested in exhibiting at the Cup? 

General questions? Reach out to

Event Experiences 

HIGH TIMES taught the world to grow and will continue to do so at the U.S. Cannabis Cup in NorCal! Learn everything you've ever wanted to know from HIGH TIMES' favorite grow experts Danny Danko and Nico Escondido who will give seminars, lead discussions, take questions and offer answers about all of your growing conundrums. 

Senior Cultivation Editor Danny Danko

Chief Cannabis Officer Nico Escondido

The NorCal Cannabis Cup will highlight the versatility of marijuana. Even if you choose not to smoke or vape, you can still benefit from our favorite herb’s healing properties. Get relaxed at our topical massage spa and chow down with curated edible cuisine pairings in our Edibles Village.

Kitchen Demos

Topical Massage Spa

With huge wins across the country for marijuana during the 2016 election, the 2017 US Cannabis Cup NorCal will host the HIGH TIMES Legalization Celebration Pavilion. Here, you’ll find a rally stage for activists (there's still much more work to be done!), panels on legal and veterans issues, non-profit exhibitors and the opportunity to hear from government representatives. Learn everything you need to know about the new marijuana business markets popping up around the country, and join us for our job fairs each day.




The marijuana movement is continually evolving, and the NorCal Cannabis Cup will put you at the forefront of the latest studies, technology and industry trends. Learn about the healing properties of CBD and THC at a medical research seminar; get behind-the-scenes scoop on the science of lab testing; and explore new technology at our vape pen clinic.

More interested in the expanding economic opportunities? A cannabis job fair will be offered, along with jobs panels and a bud tender workshop.   

Inside Testing Lab Science

 Cannabis Career Fair

Vape Pen Clinic

Shatter, wax, oil, crumble, sap, budder—concentrates. Call them what you want (consistency aside), dabbing is one of our favorite ways to get high, and we want to spread that love. The US Cannabis Cup will feature rosin press demonstrations, a dab rig exposition and even glass blowing! Not to mention, 710-inspired panels and seminars will offer grow tips for extract artists, touching on all types of concentrates.

Rosin Press

Concentrates Panel & Seminars

Dab Rig Exposition


GA Saturday or Sunday Pass


*plus applicable fees


  • YOUR CHOICE to attend the U.S. Cannabis Cup on either Saturday, June 3rd or Sunday, June 4th
  • Concert access not guaranteed and only available on a limited capacity basis

***No Concert Access***

***No Gift Bag with this Ticket***

GA Weekend Pass


*plus applicable fees


  • Attend the U.S. Cannabis Cup all weekend—Saturday & Sunday, June 3rd and 4th

***No Concert Access***

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VIP Saturday or Sunday Pass


*plus applicable fees


  • YOUR CHOICE to attend either Saturday, June 3rd OR Sunday, June 4th
  • Guaranteed Access to the Concerts in Grace Pavilion
  • VIP express access on the day you choose to attend
  • VIP Lounge
  • HT Event Poster
  • Munchies
  • Water Stations
  • VIP-Only Bathrooms

***No Gift Bag with this Ticket***

VIP Weekend pass


*plus applicable fees


  • VIP express access all weekend—Saturday & Sunday, June 3rd and 4th
  • Guaranteed Access to the Concerts in Grace Pavilion
  • VIP Lounge
  • HT Event Poster
  • Munchies
  • Water Stations
  • VIP-Only Bathrooms
    ***No Gift Bag with this Ticket**

Super VIP Weekend pass


*plus applicable fees


  • SUPER VIP express access all weekend—Saturday & Sunday, June 3rd and 4th
  • Guaranteed Access to the Concerts in Grace Pavilion
  • Wake & Bake Session
  • Munchies
  • Water Station
  • HT Event Poster
  • Super VIP Lounge
  • Access to Super VIP-Only Bathrooms
  • Special Super VIP Gift Bag
  • Plus all the Amenities of the VIP Package





Due to the County No-Smoking Regulations—”You can't toke where you can't smoke"—so there will be a designated smoking area for medical patients.

When is the HIGH TIMES 2017 US Cannabis Cup NorCal? 
June 3rd and 4th, 2017

What time do doors open at the HIGH TIMES 2017 US Cannabis Cup NorCal?
Doors open both days at 11 AM PST for VIP guests and at 12 PM PST for GA guests. On Saturday, the event ends at 11 PM PST. On Sunday, the event ends at 9 PM PST. 

Where is the HIGH TIMES 2017 US Cannabis Cup NorCal?
Sonoma County Fairground, 1350 Bennett Valley Rd., Santa Rosa, CA

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event? 
YES, this event is for all patrons 18+ with valid ID. 
All California medical patients 18+ with a valid medical card and valid ID will be allowed in the designated smoking area, so we encourage all patrons to bring their cards to access this specific area. 
The main stage performances, festival experiences, seminars, non-profit village and center food court will be accessible to all patrons with or without a medical card ages 18+. 

What if I don't have a California medical card? 
We will have doctor's at the event in the non-medicating area that you can consult with for an additional fee for their services. 

What is a valid photo ID?
Valid ID means a current, government-issued photo ID (i.e. driver’s or non-driver's state license, passport or military ID) OR a copy of your birth certificate + a photo ID (e.g. student ID).

Will tickets be available at the door? 
YES!! Go to the on-site box office. Online tickets are less expensive.

What if I have a Weekend Pass? 
You'll be given a wristband to wear all weekend. Don't remove the wristband until the event has ended. 

What if I remove my wristband? 
Do not tamper with or remove your wristband, unless you're not returning to the Cup. Your wristband is your ticket. Wristbands are not replaceable. If you remove your wristband, you will need to purchase another ticket.

Are the performances and guest appearances included in the ticket?
Only for VIP and Super VIP ticket holders. 

Who is performing?
Concert announcements coming soon!

Can I leave the venue and return? 
YES, daily re-entry is permitted. You must be wearing your wristband to return. 

Is there a bag search?
YES. You CAN bring legal limits of cannabis and smoking accessories. 

What can't I bring to the event?
Glass bottles
Hard or soft sided coolers
Skateboards, bikes, hoverboards, scooters or rollerblades
Unapproved pamphlets, handouts, advertisements, promotional materials, vending items, etc.
Pets or other animals (certified service animals are permitted) 




Calling all cannabis chefs and edible foodies! Competitors and judges, are needed!

Enter the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Cook-Off presented by Chef Brandon Allen with Pot D'Huile, June 3 & 4, in Santa Rosa, California.

It's not just a contest, but an immersive cannabis experience! Visit the HIGH TIMES Application Form NOW to apply for your chance to compete or judge!

Within the Cook-Off at the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup, fresh competition is brewing—challenging top cannabis chefs to create their best dishes in a fast-paced, head-to-head battle to determine whose flavors are the freshest and whose techniques are the most refined and innovative.

Hosted by HIGH TIMES, each round of the competition will be decided by a panel of judges, who will be evaluating dishes based on appearance, taste and originality in integrating cannabis infusions with the finished food. Points will be awarded from 1 to 5 in each category, and the chef awarded the most points will proceed to the next round.

Chefs will compete one-on-one, preparing a cannabis-infused dish within a specified time limit. Chefs will have access to a diverse pantry, including ingredients from regional and international cuisines. Judges will sample competitors’ dishes, grade the results and select a winner from each round to advance to the next.

After three rounds of intense head-to-head cooking, a champion will be crowned!

Many will enter, but only one will emerge victorious! The Champion Cannabis Chef will receive a HIGH TIMES plaque and a featured recipe on

Adding to the live cannabis experience, attendees will receive an up-close look at culinary cannabis arts in action, complete with cooking demonstrations, Q&A's with top cannabis chefs and edible samples, as well as a very special seminar & cooking demo with the 2017 SoCal winner, Chef Brandon Allen.

If you would like to compete, please read on for details.

Round Themes

At the beginning of each battle, the host will bring out a mystery basket of select protein and ingredients. Each chef will receive identical baskets. Chefs will dive in and create their dishes in a timed, 30 minutes. The best dishes should integrate the cannabis infusions, without compromising the integrity of an award-winning dish.

Chef Selection Announcements: Chefs will be announced in the week leading up to the cup, May 31. Selected chefs will receive free entry into HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup event, plus an extra pass for one guest.

Requirements to Enter: Must have culinary experience and be knowledgeable about cannabis. Participants must bring their own knives and will be permitted two special personal ingredients. Special ingredients must be pre-approved by the event coordinator.

Time: The clock will begin as soon as the basket has been revealed. Chefs will have 30 minutes to prepare 4 plates of finished food, 3 of which are intended for the judges. One plate is reserved for photography/host sampling. All food must be on the plate by the time the buzzer sounds or it cannot be served. Feel free to over-cook, the crowd loves finger-pickin’s!

Potency: THC potency should be kept to 5 - 25 milligrams per dish, and the portion sizes should be “tasting size." The host will provide 25 mg of infused cooking oil for each individual cook off.

Basic Infusions: The basic infusion will be created by Pot d’Huile and will be a basic cooking oil. Each dish is measured to be 25 mg prior to heat. Chefs are limited to using only the infusions provided by HIGH TIMES. This is intended to create a level playing field for the competition. Please do not bring your own cannabis infusions.


Can chefs bring their own special ingredients/elements?
Yes, chefs are allowed to bring 2 special ingredients or elements such as plating garnishes. These must be pre-approved.

Can chefs bring their own special equipment?
Yes, chefs are required to bring their own knives. Cookware, such as pans and other tools, can be brought; however, keep in mind the limited space an outdoor kitchen provides.

Can chefs have sous chefs?
No sous chefs.

Registration Application Deadline: May 30


Competitors will create and prepare an infused meal using the culinary basket. Said basket will be unveiled, and a timer will start. Competitors have 30 minutes to create, cook and plate their dishes.

Chefs will plate small portions for the expert judging panel and one for photos & host tasting.

Cooking Stations:

Each chef will have access to a cooking station outfitted with an induction burner, a toaster oven, cutting board, mixing bowls, measuring spoons and basic utensils. Fresh water and bus tubs are provided for clean up.

Shared will be a table of spices and pantry items—food processor, blender and assorted other kitchenware.

Please arrive at least 20 minutes early to set up your competition station.

If you are bringing any gear that requires electricity, please notify HIGH TIMES in advance, so we can make sure your needs are met.

Equipment for Live Cooking Kitchens :

The following equipment will be available for each participant in the live cooking kitchen: work tables, refrigerator, induction plate, blender, Kitchen Aid mixer, sink with cold water, electrical ovens, at least two electric sockets 110v, cutting boards, proper utensil selection (ladle, spoons, measuring cups, etc.), plus a bus tub for used equipment and Sani water bin. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, THIS IS A TRAVELING LIVE COOKING EVENT. You will have to deal with the elements, think on your feet and handle typical kitchen flare ups. Fire extinguishers on site. :)

Thank you, chefs, and good luck!


The next Cannabis Cup event will be held in Santa Rosa, CA, June 3 - 4, 2017.

The Medical Cannabis Cup Competition will be held from May 21 -  June 3, 2017, with Intake (drop-off) of entries to be held on Monday, May 22nd and Tuesday, May 23rd at a San Fransisco area location TBA the week prior.

For the 2017 HIGH TIMES NorCal Medical Cannabis Cup, the competition field is limited to California state-licensed cultivation and dispensary businesses. This includes current co-ops, collectives and dispensaries. There will be NO out-of-state submissions allowed.

Please Note: This is the *ONLY* HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup that will be held in Northern California in 2017. As such, this is the first in our “Regional Series” of Cannabis Cups in the US for 2017. While the usual awards will be given out in each category (a 1st Place Cup, as well as 2nd and 3rd Place medallions), the Top 10 finishers in each category will qualify for the HIGH TIMES World Cannabis Cup to be held at the end of the year at a destination TBD outside of the U.S. (Jamaica? Barcelona? Amsterdam??).

Because there will be no more out-of-state submissions allowed in any HT Cannabis Cup events (all competitions are only for local, licensed in-state businesses from now on), this is the last chance for California canna-businesses to qualify for the World Cannabis Cup competition as it is the last competition in California for the 2017 calendar year.

Register Now for the Top Prize in the Cannabis Industry!

Please feel free to download the following document for more information:
The 2017 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Rules, Regulations & FAQ
The HIGH TIMES 2017 NorCal Entry Form

(NOTE: Please print the PDF Entry Form above and bring a filled-out hard copy with you when you drop off your entries.)

For more information on entry fees, procedures and how to register your entries, please email:

For information on the competition itself and how the judging etc. works, please email the Competition Director, Nico Escondido, at

Starting in Amsterdam in 1988, HIGH TIMES has been the premier host of cannabis competitions worldwide. Today, we hold Cannabis Cups in over a dozen major cities around the U.S., Europe, Caribbean and Canada. To honor both the history of the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup—and the participants who support our events and the movement as a whole—HIGH TIMES has decided to bring back the original, artisan-created Cup trophies that have been at the center of our competition for nearly 30 years.

Beginning in 2017, we are honored to have the esteemed artist and cannabis crusader Alex Grey as our partner in creating artisanal Cannabis Cups for the winners of the most prestigious cannabis awards on Earth. A big welcome goes out to the Alex Grey family - as it does to all of you whom we hope to see at one of our many Cannabis Cup competitions in 2017.

About The Cup Design From Alex Grey & Allyson Grey:


To honor the science and spirit of ganja, Alex Grey's sculptural grail created exclusively for HIGH TIMES, embeds chemical, botanical, historical and archetypal symbolism praising cannabis. At the base of the cup are diagrams of medicinal cannabinoid molecules. An inscription on the base reads: “Hail, Cannabis, ancient sacramental healing ally of Humanity.”

Molecular forms emerge on the base and begin to rise up the shaft in a helical DNA strand evoking centuries of genetic cultivation. The helix transforms into an occult symbol of the caduceus, a snake entwined staff of the Greek messenger God Hermes.

Twin double-headed serpents have wings sprouting from all of their crowns that cradle a flaming eye of higher vision. The Serpents of Wisdom represent psychic forces of sensuality, peace and philosophical openness offered through cannabis. Symbols of flaming eyes and wings point to flights of Divine Imagination that arise during stoned reverie. 

The Chinese & Sanskrit script refers to hemp and Bhang, acknowledging the Eastern Civilizations that first planted cannabis at the dawn of agriculture over ten thousand years ago. The Western Civilizations of Greece and America are honored for their worldwide proliferation of the earth’s most beloved and most misunderstood sacred plant. By dating the cultural spread of ganja, we gain knowledge of the cannabis tribe's sacramental history. 

The cup is engraved with outlines of sativa and indica leaves. 

Circling the upper rim of the cup is the Secret Writing of artist, Allyson Grey, a symbol system representing the unpronounceable language of creative expression. The chalice is a container that symbolizes femininity and the womb. Honoring the Divine Feminine, the chalice reminds us that female plants are the most potent and prized cannabis specimens.

The HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup will be awarded to those who push the evolutionary edge of farming the friendly miracle of marijuana. By drinking from ganja's holy grail, people awaken their soul and empower their energetic flow toward creative engagement with life. May the entire world be healed and uplifted by cannabis. 

God bless HIGH TIMES, the only periodical that has protected and promoted cannabis culture for decades to celebrate health, music, art and to overcome the pointless War on Drugs. 

The Cannabis Cup was digitally modeled by the talented architect and sculptor Taha Alkan, with skillful adherence to Alex Grey's drawings.