You’ve entered the Judging Portal for the High Times Cannabis Cup Colorado: People’s Choice 2022

Instructions: Get High! After you click your category below, you will be asked for a password. Find the Judge Card inside of your Judge's Kit. Enter the Password/Access Code from the Judge's Card in your Judge's kit. You can now judge each item one at a time and submit scores as you go until August 7. For best results, please use a laptop or computer and Google Chrome as your browser. You will need to enter your info each time you submit a judge report to ensure we know who each submission is coming from.

Find the product name on your products that match the menu seen in the judge portal, and submit scores for the correct entries here. Some brands have submitted multiple strains or flavors, so please pay attention to what you are judging. You must submit scores and detailed comments for ALL products. We recommend submitting scores for each product one by one as you go. Please ensure you judge by the deadline of August 7!

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