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This past 420 weekend was filled with fun, friends, laughter, and an abundance of our fave plant. It was also the weekend of our Central Valley Cannabis Cup. While all of the competitors performed admirably, there were a few entries that stood out to us. Here are the winners of the 2019 Central Valley Cannabis Cup:

Best Edible

1st Place: Gem Guice by Space Gem

2nd Place: Tropic Twist Gummies by Dixie

3rd Place: Sour Watermelon Fruit Chews by Smokiez

Best Sativa Flower

1st Place: Orange Soda by Team Elite Genetics

2nd Place: Gelonade by Connected

3rd Place: Candyland by Top-Shelf Cultivation

Best Indica Flower

1st Place: Whoa Si Whoa by Top-Shelf Cultivation

2nd Place: Cherry Meringue by Lumpy’s Flowers

3rd Place: Bacio by Scoopz

Best Hybrid Flower

1st Place: Lemon Trill by Lumpy’s Flowers

2nd Place: Nova Cane by Team Elite Genetics

3rd Place: Orange Cookies by Talking Trees Farms

Best Sun-Grown Flower

1st Place: Venom OG by Honeydew Farms

2nd Place: Orange Creamsicle by LoudPack

3rd Place: Galactic Gas by Alien Labs

Best Preroll

1st Place: Super Sour D by Nug & Amplified

2nd Place: 22OG by 22 Red

3rd Place: Fruit Punch by Fire AF

Best Indica Concentrate

1st Place: Papaya Sauce by Apex

2nd Place: Triangle Kush Sauce by Raw Garden

3rd Place: N’Ice Cream Sauce by Connected

Best Hybrid Concentrate

1st Place: Bacio Sauce by Apex

2nd Place: Pink Lemonaid Live Resin by Talking Trees Farms

3rd Place: Gelato Punch by LoudPack

Best Vape Cartridge

1st Place: Dosi Punch Cartridge by Raw Garden

2nd Place: Banana OG Cartridge by Raw Garden

3rd Place: Wedding Cake by Uptown Canna Co

Best Topical

1st Place: Sugar High Body Creme by High Gorgeous

2nd Place: Mimosa Cream by CAD

3rd Place: Synergy Bath by Dixie

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