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Everyone brought their best to the 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup New England! The competition was fierce across all of the categories represented, but ultimately the judges voted for these fine entries.

Best Medical Concentrates

1st Place: Agent Orange by Paul’s Boutique Nursery in collaboration with Team Green

2nd Place: Strawberry OG Snap & Pull by High Standard in collaboration with Something Better Concentrates

3rd Place: Golden Unicorn Pull n Snap by Baystate Concentrate

Best Medical Flowers

1st Place: Gorilla Glue #4 by High Standard with Miss Laura

2nd Place: Purple Punch by Paul’s Boutique Nursery

3rd Place: Mack by Grow_iller_o

Best Topicals

1st Place: Budsuds Buzz Balm Infused Salve by Budsuds

Best Edibles

1st Place: Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Punch Bar by Ocean State Collective

2nd Place: Cookies and Creme Peanutbutter Cups by Zenn Labs

3rd Place: Blue Razz Funk Juice by SKB

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