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5. Flush The Root Zone

Over time, nutrient salts build up inside your plants no matter how sparingly you apply fertilizer. For the last two weeks of flowering, water with plain water in order to leach out any excess minerals that will affect the taste and burnability of your finished material. Well-flushed pot burns cleanly, to a wispy white ash, while unflushed buds burn dark and resemble a piece of charcoal that requires constant re-lighting.  

Pour the water until it flows out of the bottom of your containers. Don’t be alarmed if you see some slight yellowing or fall colors developing on your fan leaves. This means that your efforts to reduce unnecessary elements trapped within plant cells are working.

6. Cure Your Buds

After hanging to dry, your flowers must be cured in glass jars to slowly remove the remaining moisture and reduce the “grassy” smell and taste of chlorophyll. When cannabis is properly cured, subtle scents and flavors are revealed and the finished product gains in depth and complexity. The experience of consuming cured flowers will convince a true aficionado to never smoke commercial-grade uncured cannabis again.  

When the drying branches snap instead of bending, place the buds into sealed glass jars kept in a cool dark place. Heat and light will quickly degrade the essential oils containing the precious terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. Open the jars daily to “burp them” releasing the moist air and replacing it with fresh air. After a few weeks or more of curing, your buds will taste and smoke perfectly.

Final Hit: 6 Tips For Growing Great-Tasting Weed

Now that you’ve absorbed these tips and tricks for growing better-tasting pot, you can apply what you’ve learned in the grow room. Your attention to detail will pay off with flavorful weed that reaches its full potential. So fire up a joint of your favorite bud, plant some seeds and get growing!

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