The High Times Hemp Cup: People’s Choice Edition is aimed to identify and award the best Hemp-Derived CBD products across the nation, across a wide range of different categories, all to be judged by the great people of our nation.
This event will be the second-ever competition that is open to the nationwide public and will see the largest pool of judges in history. This is a sampling dream to get your products into the hands of hundreds of new customers who will provide feedback on your entries, plus thousands of impressions.
May the best products win!

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January 31-February 4: Competitor Product Submissions sent to Long Beach, CA
February 12: Judge Kits on Sale for online ordering across the nation
February 12-March 20: Judging Timeframe
Sunday, April 3: Awards Show

2022 Cup Categories:

Hemp-Derived Edibles: Gummies
Hemp-Derived Edibles: Non-Gummies

Hemp-Derived Tinctures + Capsules
Hemp-Derived Topicals
Hemp-Derived Flower
Hemp-Derived Pre-Rolls
Hemp-Derived Concentrates
Hemp-Derived Vape Pens
Hemp-Derived Pet Products
Delta-8 Products: Inhalables
Delta-8 Products: Non-Inhalables

Please contact us below for details on entry requirements and pricing:


What is the High Times Hemp Cup 2022?

The High Times Hemp Cup is a nationwide competition for the best hemp-derived products. Hemp cultivators and processors around the country submit their products into the competition, which are then packaged by High Times into assorted Judge Kits, and then sold and distributed across the country for consumers to test and judge each product inside of their kit. 

When is the High Times Hemp Cup 2022?

The High Times Hemp Cup accepts products from brands from January 31-February 4. Judge Kits become available to the public for ordering on February 12 at Judge Kits will be delivered via shipping only. Judges will have until March 20 to complete judging for all products in their Kits. 

What is hemp and hemp-derived products?

Hemp-derived products are products that come from the Hemp plant, the sister of the cannabis plant. These products may include high levels of CBD, CBG, CBN and other non-psychoactive compounds that contain therapeutic properties. All products are under .3% Delta-9 THC and are federally legal for possession and consumption as stated in the Farm Bill. All Certificates of Analysis showing Delta-9 THC levels and other compounds in each product are available on our Hemp Cup shopping site. 

How do I become a Hemp Cup judge?

Judge Kits will be sold on a first-order, first-serve basis. Anyone who is interested in becoming a judge may do so by ordering starting on February 12. If you purchase a Judge Kit, you MUST test and submit scores and comments for all products. If you receive products you cannot consume or judge yourself, please find a friend who can help you complete the judging. All of your feedback is important and is anonymously sent to the brands who submitted their product. For more info and updates, please submit your info at

What comes inside of a Hemp Cup Kit?

Hemp Cup kits will be assortments of Hemp-derived products from various brands, all contained inside of a High Times Hemp Cup box that is 12”x18”x4” in dimensions. There are about 190 different products in the competition spread across 8 different types of kits. There are (6) Traditional Assorted Kit types, (1) Assorted Delta 8 Kit type, and (1) Pet Products Kit type. The type of Traditional Kit (1-6) that a customer will receive is chosen at random, so Judges will not be able to choose which kit they get. If one customer orders multiple kits, High Times will ensure that each kit received is different. The Delta-8 Kit and the Pet Products kit will be available as stand-alone items, and there is only one variety of each of these kit types.

Each kit will include products from the following categories of hemp-derived products:



Concentrates & Extracts

Edibles: Gummies

Edibles: Non-Gummies

Topical lotions, Salves, Oils, and Balms

Sublinguals and Tinctures


Once I receive my kit, what do I do?

Each Hemp Cup Judge Kit comes with a Judges Card which gives you a link to the High Times Judge Portal and the access code for the specific Judge Kit type you have. Judges will access the Judge Portal to find a list of products within their kit and can choose the product they are testing, then submit their scores and feedback based on the portal’s questions and criteria. Please leave detailed comments in the comments section, and include a description of your entire experience with the product. 

Is there a maximum number of kits I can buy?

Judge Kit purchases are limited to 1 of each kit type per person, which is equal to a maximum of 6 traditional kits, 1 Delta 8 Kit and 1 Pet Products kit. This helps us ensure that all products are judged properly. 

What if there is a product in the kit I do not know how to judge? Can someone help me? 

Yes! We want all products to be judged, so if you cannot judge all products, please ask friends and family to help. Please have them input your email address that you provided when purchasing so we can ensure we see scores from your account for all products.

Further questions? 

Please email

Certificates of Analysis can be found here: