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The High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup in Denver presented by MMJ America, Keef Cola and HighThere! is less than a week away, and we know you’re getting excited for the largest 4/20 party on the planet! We are too! A limited number of tickets are still available, so if you’re planning to come, make sure to get your tickets today!

As we get closer to the event, more and more information will become available on and via our free High Times smartphone app, but here’s the latest on what will be going down in the Mile High City:

Visit the Freedom Trail –

Denver is full of recreational pot shops and thanks to Bus to Show (BTS), you can take a tour of the shops that are participating in this year’s Freedom Trail. Adults 21 and over are allowed to buy, possess and consume cannabis recreationally. While you still have to consume it in private locations, Denver has plenty of shops where you can buy the best buds in the state. Click HERE to get your bus tickets.

All tours will begin from Cheba Hut on 1531 Champa St. in Downtown Denver.

How do I get there? We will have a shuttle going back and forth between Cheba Hut and Denver Mart, so you can easily get from the Cup to the Tour and from the Tour to the Cup.

Cheba Hut is only a half block from the Champa St. Stop on the Free 16th St. Mall Ride, which is close to all Downtown Denver Hotels and is easily and cheaply accessible from anywhere in the state that is serviced by RTD-DENVER.COM

Schedule:  Same Schedule for Saturday 4/18, Sunday 4/19, and Monday 4/20.

First pick up 11 a.m.
Final Return loop begins at 4 p.m.
Minimum of 2 buses on each loop at all times.  Approximate time between arrival at each stop = 30 minutes.

Vendor List –

420 Science
420 Supply Company
A.B.C. Infused Edibles
Abila Security & Investigations, Inc.
Accannadations LLC
Across International
AcroVape LLC
Advanced Nutrients
Aloha’s Medical Marijuana
Alpha Medic
Amendment 64 Clothing
Angelic Healing Crystals
Apeks Supercritial
Arrogance Accessories / Sativa bags
Artisanal Medicinals
AU Extracts
AVS Products Inc
B Fresh LLC
BadFish Extracts
Baker Technologies LLC
BC Northern Lights
Beaver Valley Supply
BeeHive Concentrates w/ Mothership Glass
Best Budz
Better Baked LLC
Biobizz NA LLC
Black Dog LED
Blast It Cap LLC
Blindpack Trading Pins
Blood Diamond Extracts
BMU University Clothing
Bog Seeds
Bonez Glass
Bucks 420 Novelties
C.R.E.A.M. X
Cali Connection, The
Canna Vest Corp
CannaBaked LLC
Cannabis Clean
Cannabis Divas
Cannabis Greenhouse
Cannabis Vacation
Capital Butane
Casa Coil
Catch A Fire
Center Mass Media, LLC
Century Products
ChroniCal Designs
CK Wholesale
Clear Concentrates
Clearly Faded
Cloud V Enterprises Inc
Colorado Hemp Project
Communication Infrastructure / Drive High
Crockett Family Farms
Cult Classics Seeds
CurePro / RapidPro Manufacturing Corporation
Custom Hat Pins
Cyco Flower
Cyco Nutrients
Dab Genius
Dabble Extracts / Cold Baked LLC
Dabs Cure Cancer LLC
DaMa Lifestyle LLC / Kung Fu Vapes
Dank Bank LLC
Dank Decals
Dark Creations LLC
Design Engine Inc
Dime Bags
Dip Addiction
Double – O Productions LLC
Dr. Dabber
Dragonfly Honeyworks
Dub Caesar Apparel
Dude Grows Show
Dungeons Vault Genetics
Dutch Garden Supplies International
Dynamics LLC
Dystinctively Different Herb Company
Easy Trim LLC
EcoGreen Industries LLC
Elemental Seeds
Elite Cannabis
Emerald Chief Trading Company
Emerald Science
Eminent Class
Emotek Labs
Equte LLC
Esquire Properties Trading
Ethan’s Branding Company
Exacta Investments / Leafbuyer / Edipure
Exotic Genetix
Extraction Tek
Feno Seed Bank
Fine Art of Vincent Gordon
Fourtwen Cookies
Freakys Smoke Shop
Fryed and Dyed
Gage Green Group
Ganja Gold
Ganja Inc
Gavita Holland BV
Genetec, Inc.
Get Schnockered
Get Your Wax On LLC
GMC LLC DBA Green Man Cannabis
Gorilla Extracts
Green Shire Systems Inc
Green Thumb Danny
Green Tree Medicinals
Greenpoint Seeds
Greenway Medical Las Vegas Nevada
Grow Bales
Grow Your Own Greenz
Gualala Robotics
Hammer & Ink
Hanging Hydroponics
Happy Chef Dee LLC
Happy Daddy Products
Hardware Factory Store
Heidi Jung Studio
Hemp Nation
Hempy Tees
Herbal Kush Family
Herbivore Designs
Hi Pleasures
High Country Healing
High Level Health
Higher Solutions
Hitman Glass
Hive Ceramics
Honey Boxx
Hydroponic Life LLC
Hyvä Wood
I Love Dabs
Improve LLC
Indoor Grow Store
Intercontinental Cigar Corp
Internet Marketing Ninjas
iPuff Vape / Tru Cannabis
Isolate Extraction Systems
JB Games
Just Baked Medibles
Kabre Customs
Kaya Rolling Papers Inc
Keef Cola
Keller Williams Realty Downtown
Kill Your Culture
Kind Stack
Koru Healing
Kush Cloud Clothing
Kush Kakery
Lazy Lion The
Leaf Aspen
Legalize Pot Belly Pigs Co, The
Life is Good Genetics
Locol Love
Looney Labs
Loto Labs Inc
Luckys Electronics
Luv Buds LLC
Made It Faded
Made With Love Medibles
Magnolia Road Cannabis Co.
Marijuana n Munchies / Overgrow
MariMed Advisors, Inc
Mary’s Medicinals
Matt Jones Art
Med Max Nutrients
Medi Brothers Collective / Treesap / Ocean Grown
MedSpoon LLC
Method Seven
Miami Dade 305 Highlife
MMJ America
MNS USA / Mr Nice
Mogul Printing LLC
MoJack Distributors LLC
Monkey O’s
Ms. Mary Staffing
Mynds International
National Concessions Group
Native Roots Apothecary
Natures Cure Denver
Nectar Collector Colorado / Vaped
New – Vape
North Point Computers
O2 Grow
Ocean Grown Seeds
OG Pen
Ohighyo Clothing
Oilslick DBA / Slippy LLC
Olivia Rolling Papers
OpenVape / National Concessions Group
Optimal Vitality Corporation
Organic America
Outlet 710
Palm Beach Vapors
Paperplanes Extracts
Patients Choice of Colorado / Live Green
Peak Holdings Group LLC
Phat Pins
Phoenician Engineering
Phoenix AgriSciences Inc.
Phoenix Premier Distribution
Piece Within
PIV Enterprises Inc.
Pollen Nation Elite Genetics
Pop D Glass Art
Pot O Coffee
Pot The Movie
Precision Extraction Solutions
Pro Max Grow
Protection Dog Sales
Psychic Chakra Spa
PuffTec, LLC
Purple Haze
Rare Dankness
Raw Deal Empire
Raw Promotions, Inc.
Relaxo International Co, Ltd.
Rocky Mountain High
Roll Your Own
Root Devil
Royal Gold Soils
Rx Green Solutions
S.t.o.o.p.i.d.est. Clothing Co.
Saber Vape
Sensi Science Organics LLC
Shaman CBD
Simba Glass
SimplyYummy LLC
Sin City Style Co LLC
Sky High
Sky Processing
Smiss Technology
Smokers Only
Sohiyo LP
Sour Seed Company
Spry Product Development
Sublimator Inc
Subzero Scientific
Super Smacked Brothers 420
Swamp Boys Seeds
TC Labs
Tee Crazy LLC
Terpp Extractors
Terra Health Care
The Clinic
The Crown Collective
The First Family
The Glass Hut
The Green Solution
The Greenest Green
The Health Center
The Magic Buzz
The Pronail
The Smoker’s Club
The T Case
The Waterpuff
Thomas Riley Strategies LLC
Titen Titanium / Quantum
Toker Poker
Top Dawg Seeds
Travelling Massage Professional
Tree Shurts
Trill Alternative
Trimmer Store LCC, The
Tulsi Enterprises Ltd
Turner Broadcasting System Inc.
Ultimate Vapor Source
Ultra Trimmer
Up N Smoke
V. Syndicate, The
Vanilla La Inc.
Vape Genies
Vapr Wear
Vapor Slide LLC
Vibronic Wheels
Viola Extracts
Weed Wipes
Weed World Candies
Whole Vape Inc.
Wicked Wood
Yukey LLC
Zicon Nation LLC

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