Saturday, August 22nd

Doors open at noon

1 p.m.
“Tales from Victims of the Drug War”
Charmie Gholson (moderator), director of Michigan Moms United
Maria Green, parent of child child taken by Child Protective Services
Alysa Erwin, patient denied access to life-saving medicine
Ashley Duval, both father and brother are incarcerated
Bob Redden, first individual to be raided following passage of Michigan medical marijuana laws.

2 p.m.
“The Campaign to Legalize Cannabis in Michigan 2016”
Featuring board members of Michigan Legalize
Rick Thompson (moderator), The Compassion Chronicles, Midwest Multi Media Management
Debra Young, Detroit Compassion Center
Josey Scoggin, Sons and Daughters United
Josh Covert, attorney
Tom Lavigne, attorney
Matt Abel, attorney
David Rudoi, attorney

3:30 p.m.
HIGH TIMES presents a live presentation of "Free Weed from Danny Danko" with cultivation experts
Danny Danko, (host), HT senior cultivation editor
DJ Short, expert breeder and grower
Dale VanNorman, owner of T.otally H.erbal C.are
JB & Neema Samari, Cannabiotix

4:30 p.m.
“Vets & Cannabis: The Battle After Military Service”
Bobby Black (moderator), HT senior editor
Steven Jacob Lull, Green Union
Jen Spaulding, Green Union
Dakota Blue Serna, Green Union
Kevin Richardson, Weed 4 Warriors
Richard Pereyda, Weed 4 Warriors

5:30 p.m.
"Cultivation Secrets of Advanced Nutrients” 
Vaedynn Erlandson’s expertise has helped growers all over the world achieve the largest yields of highly concentrated cannabis.  His insights will help you push your cannabis plants to their maximum potential. 

8 p.m.
HIGHT TIMES presents Iration on the main stage

Sunday, August 23nd

Doors open at noon

1 p.m.
“The Art of Cannabis Cuisine” a live demonstration
Elise McDonough, author of The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook, teams with Chef Payton Curry of, Arizona restaurateur and cannabis activist, to show how to prepare delicious cannabis infused foods and basic butter and oil infusions.

2:30 p.m.
“Legal Theft: The Crime of Civil Asset Forfeiture”
Michael Komorn (moderator), attorney
Charmie Gholson, MI Moms United
William Maze, attorney
Rep. Jeff Irwin, MI State House Representative

3:30 p.m.
“Canna-businesses in the Community”
Featuring local elected officials in places friendly to our industry
Rep. Jeff Irwin (moderator), MI HState House of Representatives
Sabra Briere, Ann Arbor City Council member
Brian Robb, Ypsilanti City Council member
Ray Foust, Montrose City Council member
Eric Gunnels, Thetford Township Trustee

4:30 p.m.
“Children & Cannabis: Pediatric Medical Marijuana Patients”
Michael Komorn (moderator), attorney
Dr. Christian Bogner, medical doctor
Dr. Kumar Singh, medical doctor
Joe Stone, medical data analysis for autism
Jim Powers, co-director of Michigan Parents for Compassion
Dwight Zahringer, parent of autistic child

7:30 p.m.
The HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Awards on the main stage